Private French Tutoring new


Private class all level

  • 1 hour = $50
  • 8 hours = $380
  • 12 hours = $540


From 10 to 20 years old

  • 1 class of 45 mn = $ 45
  • 8 classes of 45 mn = $ 350


From 5 to 10 years old

  • 8 classes of 30 mn = $ 300

Email a teacher with your contact information to request details.

The instructor will reply to discuss dates, establish frequency and time of day.

Students Reviews

Sarah elizabeth

“The individualized lesson plans helped me quickly review and gain confidence in speaking. We cover a lot of material in one virtual session, all from the comfort of my home !

Christine ” I went into the pursuit of French lessons anticipating starting with the basics of the language. However, after an introductory call with Francoise and my first few lessons, I was very surprised at how quickly the language came back to my memory and I was impressed with how well Francoise did in making me feel confident when speaking French. The lessons expanded to include aspects of French culture, food, and even modern day slang. I had a great experience falling in love with the French language again and owe this to lessons with Francoise! 


“Every week I look forward to my French classes with Francoise! She always find interesting topics to talk about in French, introducing different aspects of French culture, current news stories, or places to visit. She also encourages students to share personal interest to engage in conversation to learn new vocabulary and expressions. I now have a much better understanding of conversational French thanks to (these) classes.”


“Francoise takes all the time necessary to practice pronunciation and help with grammar, understanding, and usage. She keeps the focus on conversation, and allows learning to occur through natural repetition. I highly recommend Françoise for a good first experience with French!”


“I have had a wonderful time taking classes with Alliance Francaise de Rochester specifically with Francoise. This experience has been wonderful just as I expected…to have discussion on French culture and food all at a relaxed pace with an accommodating and fun atmosphere…I don’t know why I waited for so long…”


“I took French A2 with Francoise Long during the winter quarter via Zoom. I am quite happy with the amount of vocabulary I acquired, and the improvement of my French grammar. The amount of material we covered regarding useful skills for travel and conversation was notable and we often discussed the culture, food and geography of France. Francoise is a very personable teacher who was born and raised in France… She was fun teacher and made learning quite enjoyable. The biggest issue with the class was the Zoom platform. We often had trouble connecting and links would have to be sent out several times…” –